This website contains forms which give you the opportunity to record key health and social care information about yourself and also wishes that are important to you.


Personal Profile

This form is at the heart of this suite of forms. Everybody should complete a Personal Profile.

Advance Care Plan

This form helps you record wishes you might have and decisions you make about your advance care.

Arrangements I have Made

This form details any legal arrangements you have completed about your care and personal life, in case you are unable to communicate these yourself.

Long Term Heath Conditions

These forms allow you do keep information about long term conditions such as Diabetes, and so take a more active role in your own healthcare. By using these to record information such as blood pressure, weight and medication, you'll have information about your condition in an emergency and if you are seen by an unfamiliar doctor. This means the professionals will know what is normal for you, which will help them make the right decision about your care.

What to do with the Forms

Forms can be downloaded and completed on your own computer, or you can print them off and complete them by hand. Please note that your information is not stored on the Say it Once website.


Find the forms you're interested in by clicking on the links to the left of this message

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